Nice Acropolis Convention Centre
1 esplanade Kennedy 06364 Nice cedex 4

Les Muses

Polyvalent space – 2 600 sqm

Les Muses  is a modular space that can accomodate 2 000 people in gala dinners, 2 500 in cocktail, as well as exhibitions or conference rooms.

This space can be divided into seven rooms by a system of mobile sound absorbing panels identical to that of the RHODES space. The rooms thus formed bear the names of CLIO, THALIE, ERATO, URANIE, CALLIOPE and EUTERPE, which are respectively the Greek Muses of History, Comedy, Lyric Poetry, Astronomy, Epic Poetry and Music.

This arrangement allows several conferences and lunches to be organised simultaneously without groups interfering with each other. In case of gala dinner or large reception, the whole space is opened and the 2600 m² become a single room that can accommodate up to 2500 people.

Download Les Muses Technical plan