Nice Acropolis Convention Centre
1 esplanade Kennedy 06364 Nice cedex 4

Apollon Auditorium

Auditorium – 1022 to 2 464 seats


The largest auditorium of the Acropolis Congress Centre, with 2,464 seats and a 1,200 m² stage

All the elements and structures of the auditorium are designed to restore natural acoustics:

  • The arrangement of the walls framing the islets of armchairs
  • Side acoustic doors whose degree of opening determines the sound quality to be achieved
  • Chairs whose sound absorption capacity remains unchanged whether occupied or empty

This natural acoustics of rare quality, is the work of a prominent Berlin acoustician, also designer of the Berlin Philarmonic, Doctor KREMER assisted in his work by a French Mr LAMORAL. Its exceptional architectural design and optimal acoustics make this a rare event that will leave a lasting impression on your guests and an impressive experience on speakers.

Apollon auditorium is at the same time a conference room and a performance room benefiting highly advanced audiovisual means.

For a conference room use, it is equipped with a simultaneous translation system, working tablets, film projection and all event professional equipments. Also, due to lighting effects which obscure room areas, its capacity is flexible: 1022, 1586 and 2464 seats and can therefore be adapted to the size of each event.

Also, this auditorium offers a 1200 m² stage: the second largest in France (main stage 950 m² – backstage 250 m²). The orchestra pit can accommodate 120 musicians and is regulated on 3 different levels. For a conference or a professional event use, stage can be also adapted and sized  on different spaces and levels.

The consoles that control the lighting and all stage Equipment are also modern and sophisticated and a stage manager will accompany the technical team during all the event. To finish, at the back of the stage, 4 levels are devoted to the rehearsal rooms for the orchestra, choir and dancers, as well as to the artists and speakers dressing rooms .

download Apollon technical plan   –    download Apollon plan with numbered seats


  • 3 possible layouts with 26 PMR seats each
    • 1 022 seats – 1 586 seats – 2 464 seats (all with working tables)
  • 1 200 m2 stage
    • 950 m2 main stage
    • 250 m2 back stage
  • Orchestra pit for 120 musicians
  • 23 dressing rooms
  • 2 dance rehearseal rooms
  • 2 chorus studios
  • 4 organizers ‘ offices


  • 6 Translation booths
  • 1 Projection booth
  • Sound control room
  • Lighting control room
  • Control desk
  • included screen 8 x 6 m (option to 30 x 11 m)
  • Wifi


  • An exceptional acoustic & ergonomy
  • Huge area stage to create great & original design
  • Connected auditorium